This is my cat's
Katrine 9 from Norway

Bjørn Kristensen

Here are my wonderful cats..(Only some of them)
Reese is the mom...Teddy is the one on the right, and Shotzie on the
Owner: Nicole Toth

Nicole Summer


Well, this is not a happy story to tell; however, I will tell it. My little girl was born in September 1979, and that month is the first month that we met. She was a very tiny black and white kitten--perfectly symmetrical. She almost looked like a little penguin with her tuxedo on(except for her 4 white little paws). I named her Bootsie Marie, but we called her Boo. She had been there for me before my first girlfriend, through my short marriage, and beyond. She traveled with me, and waited for me when I could not take her with me.
She was a real trooper. She survived being poisoned by an excess of flea powder(someone had put dog powder on her--they were only trying to help); she had grown into a beautiful cat. I called her a "fur-person" because that is what she was to me. She was a great friend, and we cohabitated for many, many years together in that length of time you become part of one another. No matter what age she was, everyone thought she was half that. She was beautiful. Well, approximately 2 months ago, I noticed a little bump under her chin. We took her to the vet and he said that it was oral cancer. Well, a few weeks passed and I was giving her some medecine to help the pain. She never complained about it hurting, so I really didn't know. She wouldn't complain anyway, she would not want to worry me. But the day came when she would not eat, and I had no choice but to say goodbye to the oldest friend that I truly had. She had been eating so she wasn't bare bones, but I could not let her suffer. After I had made the decision, I sat with her for a few hours. I brushed her and we talked. I arrived at the vets office(he was a very nice person who loved animals, he wasn't my normal vet) and we went into the room. He checked her out and said how beautiful and healthy she was, except for the cancer. He said I was doing the right thing. It was the right thing--the only thing I could do. I held her as he was preparing to inject the anethesia. Just before he injected it into her, she leaned forward and put her head on my chest, I think as if to say farewell. As I brushed her with my hand she passed out and went to sleep forever. I brought her home and placed her in her little coffin; then buried her in my front yard.

At midnight that night my smoke detector sounded, I went out to check it and there was no smoke. I replaced the battery and went back to bed.
It happened again. I got up and looked--nothing. The very next morning I put the battery back in, and one more time it happened.

Nothing like that has happened before or since. It was her. At least that is what my family belives. We are pretty intelligent people, and there was, or is, no other explanation for those occurances.

I loved that little girl for 17 years, and now she is gone and I miss her very much. It is only at certain times when I miss her so much. I know, however, that her little spirit is around, and she will always
live in my memory. I wish I had a photo to send but my pix files were deleted.

So, thank you for your support of our beloved friends, and more importantly for listening to me(rather reading me).

Thank you, from myself and from Boo.

David A. Jecker