Don't cry,

Sylvester !!!!!

I love Tom he's the best he just needs to talk more

He is more



is the better of the two

tomb.gif (6558 byte)
I have 16

but in this







I vote for Tom!

I think Tom is really funny.I don't think Sylvester is as funny as Tom


I vot fore tom

becus he has

more carector


He is


more nice

I would have to say that tom is the nicer cat. sylvester is continually trying to eat tweetie bird, which isn't that nice
I think Tom is better because they're both original but Tom was much better off at chasing Jerry!!!!!

The new Sylvester cartoons show him as more


Tom is

the cutest cat


Tom is

the nicest


cat !!!!


Tom is

nice to jerry

some of the time

Tom is best in all

tom is always top in all cat

Copia di libro.gif (20954 byte)TOM


I think Sylvester because all he dose is try to get tweety when tom dose other things to Jerry

He is the coolest cat.......

just the best

He knows what he wants and he doesn't give up

I thought i thaw a putty tat!! I did!! I did thee a putty tat!!!

Sylvestor is very nice

Thuffering thukitashes! Of coursth Sthylvesther's the besth!!!

Sylvester is my favoritest cat b/c he is trying to get that annoying retard bird tweety

Love Sylvester- have a cat that looks alot like him and acts like him too!!!!

Sylveter is the best cartoon cat in the whole world!!!!

Any cat that prefers birds over rodents is my choice
Sylvester, even though he tries so hard to eat Tweety, is a nice kitty



Sylvester is definatley better than Tom



I vote for sylvester the cat because unlike Tom, the mouse doesn't always get the cat

Sylvester is cute. If i did`nt have a boyfriend i would marry him!

I don't know

he's just cuter

I like sylvester because he's the most funny no matter what he does

Sylvester: he is a fantastic cat

I really think Tom is cool but sylvester is funnier and he talks so give me a vote for both

Sylvester is funnier-

than Tom





I love Tweety but Sylvester's next! So I vote Sylvester!!!


I really Love Sylvester! I collect Him!He's nicer because he looks nicer then Tom


I think that Sylvester is way cool and better than Tweety Bird any day!!!!!!


Sylvester looks just like my own stupid fat cute warm purring hunny

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I thought I saw

a putty cat-

I did I did

At least Sylvester doesn't waste his time chasing the same mouse all the time!

I like Tom because he chases Jerry when Jerry does something mean to him.Sylvester tries to eat Tweety for no reason.


YOu didn't have Sylvester's son listed, or I would have voted for him :)


Hard to pick, they are both

cute and funny -


been going to kitty sites for days. Yours is the best yet. Thanks for all this work you have done. hee hee.. cute

Tommy sometimes teams up with Jerry the mouse to be mean to the dog.

Sylvester is always after Tweety Bird.


Sylvester has an edge, he talks!!

I have grown up with Sylvester. Always watching him take a beating from Tweety or the big bull dog, or the grandmothers cane. In the past 12 or 13 years I have had the pleasure of loving and caring for two beautiful black and white cats. I now have a beautiful gray and white cat 17 lbs. and he is not fat. Very long. He has been caught watching Sylvester on Saturday mornings (only for a minute or two, but I truly believe he would vote for Sylvester too.

sylvester is cool and doesn't know it.


he is nice and mean at the same time but he is silly too.


lonnytoons rule

sylvester   rocks!!

Slyvester is funnier and he tries to eat the  bird, but doesn't treat it as bad as Tom treats Jerry.


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