both Sylvester

I think if I had to choose it would be Tom. I've never seen Sylvester be nice to any one or thing


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Sylvester is okay but not as good as Tom!


get that littil


one day

Tom is the best

He is the cat in the world


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It was hard to decide. I'm a cat lover and I love them both! You guys are so unfair!

I'm 11 years old and watch lots of cartoons!!!

I say both of them need a award!!!

Selvester and Tom are both cool cats from MIGHTY-TIGRESS


I can't vote for one of them I like them both very much!!! My name is Nina Oosthuizen



so much


We visited to your page and we are thinking aboute your page is very nice

I like both

If one of them won please let me know!! So please let me know!!!


I love all cats. they have always been the best companions i have ever had!!!!!

Neither of these cats are nice, both of them eat birds and cuss.Sylvester is the nicest but Tom is the funiest!I really think Tom is cool but sylvester is funnier and he talks so give me a vote for both

He have so many good ideas, only one BIG problem: he never seems to actually get to that bird!

He's the nicest Syllvesteris the numbre 1cat & most persecuted!

Sylvester is the loveliest cat

I would like to submit my vote for best cat to Sylvester,the bestcartoon cat!

Sylvester is becouse he's RAD

Sylvester is always chasing tweety so he gets in a lot of trouble

Sylvester is wonderful

I think that he has more personality, probably because he can talk

Tom is the greatest. Such grace and creativity.

I love him!!!he's more funny and lovely

I like them both but Tom is better b\c he chases a mouse, not a little inocsent Tweety!!


i think i like

them both the same!

from kelsee

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I love

Sylvester & Tom


I vote for Silvester: he was my hero since I was only five old!


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